Vision, Values and Mission

The CDGA’s Board drafted the following Vision, Values and Mission to guide the work of the CDGA. These statements should be updated or reaffirmed every three years.

Every Canadian knows disc golf; every Canadian has the opportunity to play disc golf; all disc golf players work, play, and compete together to achieve a healthy lifestyle in the spirit of fair play.


As the National sport governing body for disc golf, we believe in decision-making and leadership that:

§    Is democratic, inclusive and engaged, open and transparent

§    Reaches out to support and partner with provincial, organizations 

§    Embodies integrity, accountability and respect for our partners and their concerns

§    Works with partners to support Long Term Athlete Development in pursuing Sport for Life


CDGA promotes, enhances and develops capacity for disc golf in Canada by supporting provincial organizations in the delivery of programs and services to leaders and volunteers, and to all levels of participants (both recreational and competitive).

Adopted 2020